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Rape Sex Games

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Rape Sex Games Is The Only Place Where Your Fantasy Can Come True

The internet is where you can express yourself in front of a following and lose yourself in the darkness of the web, where you can explore your most twisted fantasies. And the new generation of HTML5 games is the best medium in which you can explore those dark fantasies in the most immersive and realistic manner possible. That’s perfect for anyone with a rape fantasy. No matter if your fantasy is forcing yourself on someone or getting raped by someone, the new adult games can offer you experiences that no other adult medium can.

Rape Sex Games is our wildest project so far. We gathered all the best games of this niche and put them in a collection where both men and women can enjoy their most twisted fantasy in the safest way possible. Not only that, nothing on screen is real, and no one gets hurt or degraded in the making of this content, you will also be safe playing on our site. We never ask you to pay or register on our site. It’s anonymous gameplay on a platform that’s more open to the public than a sex tube. And because of that, we sometimes get visitors who don’t quite get what’s happening in this collection. If you are one of the people getting offended by our content, keep it to yourself and leave the site. The rest of you are invited to read our collection’s guide down below.

Rape Sex Games Is Complice To Violators

The most sexually immersive games on our site are the ones in which you will play as the aggressor. Most of these titles are sex simulators in which you will enjoy a POV perspective gameplay as a man who has already found his victim. You will be able to customize the location of the rape and the character. Or you’ll start with a short, interactive chase that will give you the feeling of hunting down your prey.

The rape porn games action in these titles bring liberty for whatever you’d want to do to your victim, including forcing to strip under threat or ripping off clothes, ball gagging or choking, slapping, and force entering all holes. The ending is your choice, but these games' intensity will surely make you want to impregnate your victims. We also have a jRPG in which that’s the main goal. You play as a monster trying to spawn an army of minions by roaming the land and raping all the breedable women, making them hosts for his offspring. And we are one of the few sites where you will find a family taboo visual novel offering the story of a father who plans the rape of his daughter.

There’s No Mercy For Victims On Rape Sex Games

The titles played from a female perspective are what women want. They are also good for the men who get turned on thinking about the fear and horror of helpless girls as they face their aggressors. We have many visual novels where you’ll get exactly that, and it’s wilder than you expect. Visual novels usually come with narration from the main character. You will get to know everything a rape victim feels and thinks in those moments. If you’re a man, the surprising thing might be the change in the attitude of some victims. Because they enjoy their aggressor’s dicks, the rape turns into a dom/sub session in which the victims start squirting in the middle of their rape and secretly desiring more rough treatment.

Although we always welcome new members on Rape Sex Games, try not to share this collection with non-twisted wankers. We have enough complaints from snowflakes who don’t know how to enjoy the depths of their sexuality. We want to gather a large community of naughty players, after which we’ll go rogue from the web, and only people who visited us before will get access. It will be the dirty little secret of women and men who might look vanilla on the surface but hide the dark secret of rape fantasies.

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